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Diligent, Detail-Oriented Real Estate And Business Services

At Makris Legal, P.A., attorney Bill Makris provides landlords and real estate entrepreneurs with the diligent, detail-oriented legal services their businesses need to thrive. By combining a robust understanding of landlord-tenant laws, contract law, and the nuances of business entity formation and reorganization, Mr. Makris advises property owners in the Tampa Bay Area through a variety of considerations. These range from the establishment of family rental companies to the drafting and enforcement of leases for mid-sized and large apartment complexes.

By emphasizing promptness, responsiveness and a comprehensive understanding of his clients’ goals, Mr. Makris can resolve property owners’ legal issues with problematic tenants rapidly and effectively. He enables property owners to get back to business while avoiding costly errors or drawn-out conflicts.
  • Eviction
  • Unlawful Detainer
  • Entity Formation
  • Lease & Contract Drafting
  • Contract And Deed Drafting
  • Contract Consulting
  • Landlord Tenant Consulting
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Registered Agent Designation
  • Annual Reports

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How Can Makris Legal, P.A., Assist You?

  • Evictions for Landlords

    When tenants break the law, violate the terms of their rental agreement, or fail to pay rent, eviction may be necessary to protect the security and viability of their property.

  • Unlawful Detainer

    When friends, family members or other associates stay on your property without a formal lease agreement – and refuse to leave when they have overstayed their welcome – legal action may be necessary to protect your property, safety and peace of mind.

  • Lease & Contract Drafting

    During life, there are times when you will need a contract. Whether it is a purchase agreement, a business buyout, an operating agreement, or even a deed.

  • Contract Negotiations

    Mr. Makris can represent you when negotiating the terms of a contract. He can handle a wide variety of contracts, all the way from a business buyout contract to a simple agreement between a friend, and anything in-between.

  • Entity Formation

    Whether you are setting up your first rental home, making an exciting acquisition that expands your holdings, or breaking into the real estate market with an extensive block of apartments or townhomes, the support of a Florida entity formation lawyer is essential.

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