Lease & Contract Drafting

Florida Landlords Need Focused Lease And Contract Guidance

Whether you operate extensive apartment complexes, a trailer park or a single rental home, and whether you are an experienced property owner or entirely new to real estate leasing, your need for effective counsel through lease and contract drafting negotiation is consistent.

At Makris Legal, P.A., attorney Bill Makris works directly with New Port Richey clients to understand their objectives and concerns. Focused, diligent and with a lifetime of experience in real estate leasing, maintenance and development, Mr. Makris is thoroughly versed in the practice of creating air-tight documents that advance your goals. His representation and insight can empower you to effectively realize your business goals, while securing you against costly future litigation.

Secure Leases Protect Your Rights And Profitability

Both first-time and experienced landlords commonly use or modify templated, generic leases to outline their tenants’ responsibilities and obligations. While this can save time and effort, employing boilerplate leases – or changing them extensively – can neglect important elements of an effective landlord-tenant relationship, or expose landlords to claims that they have placed overly burdensome responsibilities or restrictions on their tenants.

Makris Legal, P.A., can help you set clear standards that protect the security and profitability of your Florida property, while respecting the rights of your renters and minimizing your liability exposure in the event of an eviction or other dispute. For tested guidance through residential and commercial lease drafting, contact attorney Bill Makris today.

Contracts That Advance Your Business Goals

Large and small-scale property owners often turn to professionals to ensure their properties remain safe, clean and appealing. From property management to plumbing repairs, roofing to landscaping, Makris Legal, P.A., assists rental company owners with the drafting and negotiation of a wide range of real estate development and maintenance contracts. By synthesizing a clear understanding of client goals with a comprehensive knowledge of real estate and business law, Mr. Makris helps land and building owners develop their rental properties, understand their responsibilities and limit their potential liability.

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