Unlawful Detainer

It’s Your House: Make Unwanted Guests Leave

Landlords are not the only Florida property owners who may need the assistance of an experienced rental and evictions lawyer. When friends, family members or other associates stay on your property without a formal lease agreement – and refuse to leave when they have overstayed their welcome – legal action may be necessary to protect your property, safety and peace of mind.

As the founding attorney at Makris Legal, P.A., Bill Makris understands that legally removing a partner, friend or loved one from your home can be emotionally difficult. This is why Mr. Makris works directly with his clients to provide them with clear, efficient legal services – answering their questions, counseling them on the best course of action, and working diligently to obtain results and relief. Mr. Makris helps Floridians with unlawful detainer and ejection lawsuits.

Guidance And Efficiency For Florida Unlawful Detainers

When you allow someone to stay on your property, there are a range of factors that can prompt you to ask them to leave. They may have stayed for longer than expected; their behavior may have become disruptive to your life, or your relationship may have changed (for example, if you were dating – and then break up with – the person in question). If this person refuses to leave, an unlawful detainer may be an appropriate way of removing them.

An unlawful detainer differs from an eviction in that there is no landlord-tenant relationship between you and the person you want off your property: They never signed a lease, and they do not pay for rent or utilities. They therefore have no right to be on the property.

Bill Makris will meet with you personally to determine whether an unlawful detainer can be used to remedy your situation. If an unlawful detainer is appropriate, Mr. Makris will submit it directly to a Florida court. His diligence and promptness can secure a summary judgement in your favor – keeping you out of the courtroom, and getting the problematic “crasher” out of your house.

Focused Representation Through Florida Ejectments

In some cases, the person who refuses to leave your property may claim that they have a legal right to be there. They may have paid you rent (even without a formal lease); they may have a competing title to the property. In these cases, it will be necessary to file an ejectment, instead of an unlawful detainer.

Bill Makris can advise you on whether an unlawful detainer or ejectment is necessary to resolve your property dispute. He can assist you with filing an ejectment, and with advancing this matter through the Florida court system.

Reclaim Control And Get Relief

Clear out an unwanted “crasher” and reclaim control of your home by putting a tested, efficient unlawful detainer lawyer on your side. To schedule a consultation with Makris Legal, P.A., call 727-205-1252, or complete Mr. Makris’ online form.